Portfolio - Robinetto

It is not often that I get to make an application that also strives for a better world.

In this case, the goal of Robinetto is to reduce the number of bottles of water being sold, by making filtered water conveniently available on tap in as many places as possible. The company recently installed taps in stations in Belgium, for instance.

One of the products they sell is an end user device that can be installed in any kitchen. This device has a Bluetooth interface and so users can check how many liters of water they drank, and when the filter should be refreshed.

Recently we released version 3.0, which is the first version that can upgrade the firmware of the device.

The challenges in this project had all to do with the Bluetooth interface on iOS. I had no experience before beginning this project, and so I learned a lot about the Core Bluetooth API.

It is not very well documented, and not straightforward to use. It does not help that Apple shields low level details from the developer.

Proudly added to my portfolio.